What We'll Learn Today

This workshop covers the fundamentals of programming, as well as some concepts specific to Arduino.

Chapter 1: This one :X

Chapter 2: Assembling our Sex Robot
We'll start by assembling the Master Beta Kit. You have to exert a fair amount of force on some small, fragile pieces of equipment, so you may want to find someone to help you with this part.

Chapter 3: Some New Vocabulary
We'll go over some terms that are used in this tutorial.

Chapter 4: What an Arduino Program Looks Like
Next, we'll go over the structure of an Arduino program. Arduino programs use a subset of C and C++, languages that are commonly used in many different hardware and software applications. While C and C++ can be used to make very complex programs, Arduino has a very simple and consistent structure.

Chapter 5: Fun With Integers
In this chapter, we'll write our first Arduino programs to make the vibrator run at a few different speeds.

Chapter 6: Fun With Functions
This chapter describes the different Arduino functions we'll be using today, and includes exercises for writing vibration patterns.

Chapter 7: Fun With Conditionals and For Loops
This chapter covers the control structures if and else statements and for loops. These can be used to create longer and more complex sequences of vibration patterns.

Chapter 8: Using the LED and Knob
The Master Beta Shield, an interface between the Arduino board and the bullet vibrator, includes an LED and a knob. We'll use the LED to signal changes in vibration, and the knob to manually adjust the vibration speed while the vibrator is running.

Chapter 9: Further Vibrating
Some links to further reading and projects you can try out with your Master Beta Kit.

Chapter 10: Acknowledgements
All the wonderful people who helped make my sex robot dreams come true.

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